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Does Roast Beef mean “I’m ready to settle down?”

Backward Investors

Old Dream

Low-fat croissants

Parlez-vous Restaurantian ?

Calorie Count

To be or not to be… speaking French ?

Keep on asking and you will receive

It’s going south

License to speak

Tour de Food

Who wants to live in Whatever-sur-Mer ?

EXpress yourself

How’s your skin today?

The nose job

Mission impossible?


Charity work

Sleepless in Paris



Tacos fever

Bon voyage !

À la vôtre !

Blind date

Pastis anyone ?

No plan B


La muse et le coq

La victoire de Michelle

Act #29: La muse et le coq

The expression être comme un coq en pâte refers to someone who is feeling very comfortable and absolutely content. It carries the notion of being taken care of, feeling cozy, almost spoiled. The expression implies general well-being, physical and emotional. Literally translated “to be like a rooster in dough”, some equivalent English expressions are “to be sitting on top of the world” or “to be happy as a clam at high tide”.

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