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  • For a number of years I have struggled trying to learn French. After much effort with every manner of home study course and with private tutors, I managed to become fairly fluent reading, writing and speaking French. But, after saying something appropriate and intelligent (I think), I would not understand a word of the response and there went my French conversation. I simply could not understand the spoken French with all it's "glidings", "slurs", and rapid fire rat-a-tat-tat.

    Then I happened upon "news in slow french". At my age, I no longer believe in over night miracles, but I do believe I've found a way around my problem hearing French. The slower speed is allowing me to comprehend more of the spoken language. No matter how many times I'd listen to a recording of a Frenchman speaking at his normal speed, I'd never understand what he had said. Now I'm beginning to grasp what I previously was missing by listening at a slower speed.

    Frank B., Michigan, US

  • We use your site twice a month, with great success, in my French 3 and French AP class. My students love it because they can keep up on current news, and improve their French at the same time. Thank you again for providing such a high quality web site.

    Denise Joseph. Adjunct Professor at Ivy Tech

  • Great Program!!!
    I've taken a few years of French in high school, but am a bit rusty. I'm really enjoying dusting off the cobwebs. This is a great way to improve listening comprehension since the speakers speak at a medium speed. Highly recommended to anyone learning French!

    BibleScholar247, Comments on iTunes

  • I just wanted to drop a line thanking you for your program/ courses. It has been very fun to listen to you two while learning new French words and expressions. I have downloaded your podcasts on my Iphone and enjoyed them while working out. Today, I signed up for the 6 month subscription on your website: very cool.

    Thanks again,

    Samer H., Oregon, US

  • I love your program ! I intend to subscribe to your service forever. Not only do I learn French, but I'm learning about current events that I wouldn't ordinarily read about. I eagerly await each week's installment, download it, burn it onto a CD and listen to the CD all week long in my car on the way to work.

    John M.H., Idaho, US

  • I really enjoy News in Slow French. I bounce around between 4-5 different French podcasts, and yours is my favorite. Love the sense of humor you share in the program, and breaking the podcast into a few different segments keeps things moving along nicely. The news format is good, of course, because I've likely heard the stories already, so it's easier to keep up and fill in any language gaps.

    Doug M, New Hampshire, US

  • I am very satisfied with your program, especially the normal dialogues and banter between Rylan and Julie as they approximate the regular daily conversations among French which I quite like.

    Mercie beaucoup et j'espere vous continuerez votre spectacle. Il m'aide.

    Millet B.

  • Hi all, just a bit of feedback. I really enjoy the style and presentation of the program and “tout simplement” you just keep getting better and better each week and I look forward to the next edition each weekend.

    John B., Lowestoft, UK

  • I felt that I had to express my gratitude to you for being hosts of the wonderful site which is both highly instructive, effective and entertaining. Combination of the important news with the personal views of the presenters on the discussed topics, all presented in a moderate speed, is a perfect way to keep listeners motivated. A lot of site tools help to grasp new grammar and vocabulary easily and effectively.

    Your idea is unbeatable, as well as the subscription price. Thank you so much for your work.

    Andrey, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Perfect for improving verbal comprehension for intermediates!
    Thank you Linguistica 360 for this useful and interesting podcast

    Zeena's Gymnastic Comedians, Comments on iTunes

  • Using News in Slow French has been an incredible experience for me. After just a couple of months, I am amazed to find that I can actually understand what Catherine, Julie, and Rylan are saying. Not 100% of the time yet, but I am definitely improving all the time. I try to spend time with News in Slow French every day, and my progress has been significant! Thank you!

    Alice B., Maryland, USA

  • First of all, I absolutely love News In Slow French!! It is hands down the single the best learning tool I have ever had access to. The fact that the subject matter is current, ensures that I am actually interested in the content. The fact that I can download the content means I can use it all the time and on the subway. I could go on and on but I simply cannot say enough good things.

    Thank you for building this wonderful service!!!!

    Aaron B. NY, USA

  • For many months I hesitated signing up for the paid version of News in Slow French. Now that I am a member, I wish I would have signed up sooner! This is a wonderful and stress free way to improve your French - and it is not just textbook French, but living breathing French…. It is so much richer in content than other learning media I have tried. I originally learned with Rosetta Stone, which was good for initial building of sentences and vocabulary. I realized I was still translating in my mind…. Then I found News in Slow French. After a very short time, I realized that I was understanding the podcast without mentally translating everything. I actually listen first in my car, then I go home and do the lesson on line to see how much I got. This is really amazing. And all the lessons are archived for my enjoyment whenever I want if I miss a week.

    The iPhone App instantly linked with my car's interface - and works great. I like coming home and easily mousing over words I do not know - and I like that the translations are not totally literal - instead they convey the intention of the phrases. Also - I never had much time to follow the news in English - let alone French. I like the mixture of current affairs selected, they are helping me stay up with world news. I also like hearing the opinions and reflections of Rylan and Catherine - and the comradeship they reflect in their discussions. To top it off, the language lessons and expressions round off the program in such a way as to teach painlessly.

    This is probably the most satisfied I have ever been with any service. Keep up the good work!

    Jan D., California, US

  • I want to thank everyone at NISF for creating the new beginner course. I am using a variety of online and traditional sources but find this new course to be the most efficient and fun way to build a foundation in French grammar and conversation.

    Christopher J., Ohio, USA

  • I love your program! Nowhere else on the internet can I get so much listening and pronunciation practice, not to mention all of the other wonderful features. I love the expressions catalog. Your program will help me speak French like a native (I am already at level C1/C2).

    Nita W., North Carolina, USA

  • Great programme!
    Merci beaucoup pour l'actualite en francais. Slow News In French is a fantastic site. I use this sight to help my French students to expand their listening skills. I even learn new vocabulary!!! I love this; keep up the great work. I brag about Slow News In French to whomever I can. If you ever expand into visual news cast that would be the ultimate.

    Anne L. S., French Teacher, Texas, USA

  • Great program!
    I've loved "News in Slow French" from the first time I heard it. Out of all the French learning programs on the Internet, yours is the best, in my opinion. It's a great length and a great format, and I never tire of listening to Catherine's beautiful voice or Rylan's animated commentary.

    Thank you so much for producing such a high-quality program. It's evident that it's a labor of love.

    Judy G. California, USA

  • I wanted to say how great news in slow french is. I've been struggling for years to learn french and I'm still struggling to speak! I've tried different programs and while they were all ok, nothing is as good as news in slow french. Before I would download the weekly podcast and listen and 50% of the time zone out because I didn't understand half of it. Since signing up for a subscription and viewing the complete transcript of the conversations, it makes such a difference. It is so worth it. Reading the transcripts forces you to focus and you're not missing words. It really improves your vocabulary learning new words and structures of sentences. Listening to it over and over and reading the transcript at the same time really works.

    The dialogues are very entertaining and I'm enjoying it a lot. Highly recommend.


    Liz M. New York, USA

  • News In Slow French is an essential part of my studies. My teacher is impressed by the improvement in my command of the French language since I found your site.

    Brian B., Manchester, UK

  • I have subscribed to News in Slow French for about two years now and still think it is the best French course I have done either on-line or otherwise. The conversations between Catherine and Rylan are always great learning exercises as well as being entertaining.

    It was also a good tip recently from Rylan about Un Village Français. I bought the DVDS from Amazon after that and it is a truly superb series, got the first series with French subtitles which of course helps. It is a pity they don't have subtitles for all the series.

    Keep those witty dialogues coming!!

    Kevin M. Kent, UK

  • I have tried to learn French for years but have always given up quickly. Your way of learning is the best I have seen and makes it easy to understand with the quick translate design. Excellent!

    Jon V., New Yorkshire, UK

  • Your "News in Slow... " programs are outstanding. I subscribe to the French version periodically. The content and presentation of your broadcasts are first-rate: the material is informative and engaging as well as entertaining. It replicates the way we all learn language. Your approach has helped me more than the many courses in school and on-line as well as "do - it - yourself" workbooks that I have used. And your programs make learning more inviting and effective than the others. My hat is off to you! Keep up the good work.

    Susan V., subscriber

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