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Does Roast Beef mean “I’m ready to settle down?”

Backward Investors

Old Dream

Low-fat croissants

Parlez-vous Restaurantian ?

Calorie Count

To be or not to be… speaking French ?

Keep on asking and you will receive

It’s going south

License to speak

Tour de Food

Who wants to live in Whatever-sur-Mer ?

EXpress yourself

How’s your skin today?

The nose job

Mission impossible?


Charity work

Sleepless in Paris



Tacos fever

Bon voyage !

À la vôtre !

Blind date

Pastis anyone ?

No plan B


La muse et le coq

La victoire de Michelle

Act #10: License to speak

Narrator Opening

Bienvenue mes amis ! Today, we meet with Kevin again. As you might have noticed, Kevin’s motivation for learning French is quite different from Michelle’s and Jack’s. So far, he’s flunked French in high school and needs to get good grades for his College application. The only problem for Valérie is that Kevin doesn’t seem to like French very much or France for that matter. Hopefully she can help him do better and maybe even like least a little. Kevin has been working hard but not without complaining...he’s a teenager after all. We hope you have already looked up our grammar lessons for this week and done the exercises. Enjoy Act X!