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Does Roast Beef mean “I’m ready to settle down?”

Backward Investors

Old Dream

Low-fat croissants

Parlez-vous Restaurantian ?

Calorie Count

To be or not to be… speaking French ?

Keep on asking and you will receive

It’s going south

License to speak

Tour de Food

Who wants to live in Whatever-sur-Mer ?

EXpress yourself

How’s your skin today?

The nose job

Mission impossible?


Charity work

Sleepless in Paris



Tacos fever

Bon voyage !

À la vôtre !

Blind date

Pastis anyone ?

No plan B


La muse et le coq

La victoire de Michelle

Act #18: Charity work

Narrator Opening

Bonjour les amis ! C’est moi, oui, Jean-Paul ! Bienvenue au théâtre en français ! Today we’ll spend some time with Valérie and Michelle. Michelle is meeting with Valérie for the first time since her surgery. I hope you’re ready for some real entertainment...and some serious French lessons of course. By the way, have you studied already and done the exercises? Oui ? Je crois que nous sommes prêts. Allons-y !