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Does Roast Beef mean “I’m ready to settle down?”

Backward Investors

Old Dream

Low-fat croissants

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Calorie Count

To be or not to be… speaking French ?

Keep on asking and you will receive

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À la vôtre !

Blind date

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La muse et le coq

La victoire de Michelle

Act #1: Does Roast Beef mean “I’m ready to settle down?”

Hello Again

Valérie: Bonjour ! Êtes-vous Jacques ?
Jack: Excuse me?
Valérie: Hello, are you Jacques?
Jack: Oh, right! Bonjour ! Oui, oui, je suis Jacques.
Valérie: Très bien ! Please, come on in! It is very nice to meet you, and I’m glad that you want to learn French.
Jack: Thank you, Valérie!
Valérie: Well, let’s start our first lesson.
Jack: Thank you so much for taking me as a student!
Valérie: You are most welcome, Jacques! But, before we start, tell me a little about yourself. You have studied French before, right?
Jack: In school, if it counts. I just remember a few words like “Bonjour, je m’appelle Jacques, s’il vous plaît, merci, au revoir.
Valérie: Very good!
Jack: But, I am very serious about studying.
Valérie: Excellent! May I ask why you have decided to go back to studying French? I would like to know what your goals are so that I can successfully design a course for you.
Jack: Sure! You see, I have this idea, it's a business idea and I will need a good knowledge of French, and I may add French culture.
Valérie: Oh! It's intriguing! What is that? Is that a secret?
Jack: It’s a French restaurant! I want to open a French restaurant.
Valérie: Ah bon ? ...Really?
Jack: I have so many ideas about this restaurant, so it’s going to be great! But I really need to be able to speak French and I need to know cultural nuances to design a great menu.
Valérie: Well, good luck! Bonne chance !
Jack: Merci !
Valérie: Well, let’s not waste time. Let's start learning!