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The Present Simple. Verbs of the Third Group conjugating like: sentir, connaître, construire, and faire


There are three groups of verbs in French:

The first group: The verbs end in “er” and follow the same conjugation except for “aller” which is a verb of the 3rd group.

The second group: This group comprises all verbs that end in “ir” and which their present participle ends in “issant” For example: finir is a verb of the second group because it ends in “ir” and its present participle ends in “issant” : finissant

The third group: comprises all the other verbs. We also call them “irregular verbs” because they don’t follow any specific conjugation. For example: prendre, tenir, voir, etc.

Lesson 4:

Verbs conjugating like: “sentir” (to feel)

For example: consentir, démentir, mentir, pressentir, ressentir

Je sens
Tu sens
Il /elle/ on sent
Nous sentons
Vous sentez
Ils/elles sentent

Verbs conjugating like: “construire” (to build)

FOr example: détruire, instruire

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