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The Personal Subject Pronouns

Personal pronouns or “Les pronoms personnels” are used to substitute or replace nouns. There are three kinds of personal pronouns: Personal pronouns subjects, personal pronouns objects and stressed (disjoints or toniques). In this lesson we will study the personal pronouns subjects.

Personal Subject Pronouns

Je 1st person singular I
Tu 2nd person singular You (when you’re addressing a friend, a member of your family or a child)
Il 3rd person singular He
Elle 3rd person singular She
On indefinite 3rd person singular We/They/Somebody/One
Nous 1st person plural We
Vous 2nd person plural You (when you’re addressing more than one person or an adult who is not a friend or family)
Ils 3rd person plural They (masculine only or feminine and masculine)
Elles 3rd person plural They (feminine only)

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