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Active & Passive Skills

Setting Goals

Intonation – the "Speech Music"

Vowel Placement

Vowel Sounds

Consonant Sounds

Beginner Exercises

Intermediate Exercises

The right way to practice French Pronunciation


IV. The consonant sounds

If we focus on the big picture and not doing everything perfectly, we can improve our pronunciation naturally.

The first step is to listen to the musical quality of a word or sentence and sing it back. The second step is to turn your English-speaking mouth into a French-speaking mouth by adjusting your vowel placement. In our previous video we focused on applying these techniques only on the vowel sounds, and now, the fourth step will have us add the consonants back into the phrase and come full circle.

Consonant sounds are all the rest of the language sounds. Not completely open, but obstructed in some way by the mouth or tongue.

Next, let’s apply these techniques in practice.