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The Conjunctions of Coordination

There are two kinds of conjunctions. The conjunctions of coordination and the conjunction of subordination. Conjunctions are invariable words or phrases that join two parts of speech, two clauses or even two sentences . Conjunctions can help form a relation between words, clauses or sentences such as opposition, addition, consequence, cause etc...

Today’s lesson will be about conjunctions of coordination.

The conjunctions of coordination join two words of the same function and two clauses or sentences of the same nature. The conjunctions of coordination are: mais, ni, car, or, et, ou, and donc.


Mais” means “but” and it expresses opposition.

Je suis parti au supermarché mais je n’ai rien acheté.
I went to the supermarket, but I didn’t buy anything.

J’ai assisté au séminaire mais je ne t’ai pas vu là-bas.
I attended the seminar, but I didn’t see you there.

Il a tout fait pour me convaincre mais je n’ai pas cédé.
He did everything to convince me, but I didn’t give in.


Ou” means “or”. It expresses alternative or choice. It is often used in questions.

Je ne sais pas si je devrais partir ou rester !
I don’t know whether I should go or stay!

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