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The Superlatives

Superlatives are used to compare three or more people, things, places or situations. In French there are two kinds of superlatives. Superlatives of superiority and superlatives of inferiority.

A. Superlatives of superiority

Superlatives of superiority are either adjectives or adverbs that express the highest quality among people, things, places or situations.

1. Superlatives of superiority with adjectives

We put the superlative “le/la/les plus” before the adjective depending on whether the noun it modifies is masculine, feminine or plural.

For example:

Anna, Charlotte et Claire sont toutes belles mais Claire est la plus belle.
Anna, Charlotte and Claire are all pretty, but Claire is the prettiest.

La Chine est le pays le plus peuplé au monde.
China is the most populated country in the world.

Toutes les questions du test étaient difficiles mais les dernières questions étaient les plus difficiles.
All the test’s questions were hard, but the last questions were the hardest.

Irregular adjectives: There are a few adjectives that don’t take the “le/la/les plus” form:

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