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Everything you need to get up to speed in French

Language learning through current events

Language learning through current events

A change of pace: The next level of language immersion

A rigorous educational course complete with dialogues, lessons & quizzes

Immersive original series designed especially for language learners

The News in Slow French Podcast


Two hosts discuss this week's top stories from France and around the world

A Change of Pace


Our host shares in-depth analysis of current headlines in real, everyday French.

Grammar Catalogue

Expressions Catalogue

Paul et Virginie

Available in Beginner and Intermediate

A retelling of the beautiful and tragic story of two young people in love. Based on the most famous and beloved novel of 18th century writer Bernardin de Saint Pierre.

Les scandales de la République

Available in Intermediate and Advanced

Ten events that rattled and forever changed French society.

Parlons Poésie

Available in Intermediate and Advanced

From Ronsard to Léopold Sédar Senghor, join our host as she takes us on a journey to the soul of la Francophonie, and shares how French poetry has touched her heart.

"Weekly news broadcasts in realistic language"

"Virtual language immersion site"

"Great for increasing your vocabulary on current topics"

"Helps you learn a language through current events"

"The enunciation is perfect allowing the listener to hear every word distinctly"

"Spoken slowly and clearly, so it’s easier for non-native speakers to understand"

"The perfect resource for beginner and intermediate learners"


Immersive French podcasts created by an international team of journalists and linguists.


News in Slow French features native speakers discussing current events and culture. News stories you care about at a pace you can understand.

Always on

Listen, read, and start thinking in French anywhere you go – at home, in the classroom, and on any of your devices.


Prepare for News in Slow French with this introductory course, ideal for beginners or to review the basics.


Develop your comprehension as you listen to the news. Go further with interactive transcripts, lessons, pronunciation, and quizzes.


Challenge yourself to an intellectually simulating blend of opinion, cultural insights and in-depth analysis of trending news.

Our subscribers say:

Your "News in Slow... " programs are outstanding. I subscribe to the French version periodically. The content and presentation of your broadcasts are first-rate: the material is informative and engaging as well as entertaining. It replicates the way we all learn language. Your approach has helped me more than the many courses in school and on-line as well as "do - it - yourself" workbooks that I have used. And your programs make learning more inviting and effective than the others. My hat is off to you! Keep up the good work.

Susan V., subscriber

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