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The Passé Simple - The Verbs of the Third Group. Verbs ending in “re”, and the most common verbs

The passé simple is a tense that is mainly used to narrate events in the distant past. It is used in written discourse such as stories, tales, biographies, and history articles. It is also used in formal speech. It expresses an action or a precise event that happened in the past. Differentiating between the passé simple and the imperfect tense has often been confusing for French learners. The imperfect tense expresses habits in the past, long actions in the past, descriptions in the past, whereas the passé simple generally expresses quick and sudden actions in the past. The emphasis is not on the duration of the action as much as it is on the action itself. In this chapter, we will focus on the form of the passé simple. We will also learn about the use of the passé simple through examples.

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