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The Future Simple. Part II: The Verbs of the Second Group

The future simple or in French “Le futur de l’indicatif” expresses the future tense. It is the equivalent of the future simple will + infinitive. The form of the future simple depends on the verb itself. In this lesson, we will examine the future simple of the verbs of the second group.

Remember: The verbs of the second group end in “ir” and their present participle end in “issant”.

For example: finir, choisir, applaudir, pétrir, etc....

Note that verbs like partir, accueillir, venir, courir, etc.. , even though they end in “ir”, do not belong to the verbs of the second group because their present participle does not end in “issant”.

The future simple of the verbs of the second group is formed by adding : ai- as - a - ons - ez - ont to the infinitive.

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