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The Preposition “de

Prepositions link words to other words to form a meaningful sentence. In French, there are many prepositions. Each one of them has a specific use. Some of them have multiple uses. In this chapter, we will study the most common prepositions like “dans”, “pour”, “en”, etc... This lesson will be devoted to the prepositions “de” and its forms “du”, and “des”.

“de” is one of the most commonly used prepositions in French. It is used in several cases and it has the following forms: de, de la, d’, de l’, du, des.
d’” is used when the noun that follows it starts with a vowel or a mute “h” and has a general meaning. It doesn’t matter if the following noun is masculine, feminine, or plural.

For example:

la chambre d’hôtel
the hotel room

la crise d’adolescence
teenage awkward phase

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