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Get Up to Speed (G.U.T.S.)

One of the greatest obstacles that people encounter when learning French is a lack of momentum. We created this French for Beginners program to get you moving in the right direction and equip you with the tools to continue learning. It’s like a primer, a way to refresh and solidify the basics so you can advance with confidence on your language learning journey.

Equal parts education and entertainment, this one-of-a kind program creates an immersive listening experience to teach you vocabulary, grammar basics, and comprehension skills. We focus on identifying and using cognates – French words that are easily recognizable for English speakers. It’s an effective course for beginners, and also for those who have studied some French in the past but aren’t quite ready for News in Slow French, our intermediate program.

C’est quoi ?

G.U.T.S. is structured like a play. The cast consists of Valérie, a French tutor, and her students Michelle, Jack, and Kevin. There are 30 episodes or “acts”, with each act representing a one-on-one session between teacher and student. Each act contains conversations performed by our characters, written lessons for your review, and exercises.

Valérie has 3 simple rules for her students:

  1. Before each tutoring session, review the lesson and vocabulary flashcard.
  2. You can talk about anything, as long as you employ the grammar introduced in the lesson.
  3. Don't be afraid to switch to English if you don’t know how to say something in French – but always switch back to French as soon as you can!

Follow Valérie’s students in this unique French podcast. Discover their motivations, desires, and secrets through their conversations with Valérie. The acts in G.U.T.S. are progressive. Act 1 is presented mostly in English, and the final acts are mostly in French.

See for yourself. The first five episodes of G.U.T.S. are free.